Presenting your Message with Impact

Whether it’s a presentation to clients or giving a presentation to colleagues, the need to communicate through a presentation format has become an essential skill in the business environment. Delivering an impactful presentation can be a daunting experience for many people, yet more and more people are being asked to give both formal and informal presentations.

This module is aimed at junior and senior associates.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 


Session 1 – How to Structure a Presentation

  • Learn and practice the core principles of presenting a message, whether you are in a meeting, or delivering a presentation to colleagues or clients
  • Begin your presentation and create interest in your message; use the ROPEÓ method to engage your audience
  • Use a 3-step approach to structure an outstanding presentation; researches your materials, build your slides/story, rehearse
  • Agreeing your 100-day action plan.


Session 2 – How to Deliver a Presentation

  • Tell your story with passion and conviction and leave a positive impression; understand the importance of Mehrabian rule
  • Understand the impact of the 3Vs in presenting; visual, verbal and vocal
  • It’s time to rehearse as seeing is believing – create a short presentation using the tips and techniques discussed during the workshop
  • Rehearse, feedback, rehearse, feedback, rehearse, feedback.


Each person is expected to deliver a short presentation (max 3 mins) during the workshop and will be required to bring along a presentation with a few slides.

1 hour online video / 2 hour workshop