Networking is just a way of interacting with people, but it can often feel awkward as there is an agenda to it. Networking events can be big or small and happen at all times of day (over breakfast, at a conference or after work drinks). Having an authentic conversation is important. This module will help you to learn how to put yourself and others at ease, easily join and leave groups and use your individual style to communicate with people.

This is aimed at junior lawyers who regularly interact with clients or attend business events as part of their role.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 

  • Introduction to Networking – what is networking, key traits of successful networkers, common networking pitfalls,
  • Preparing to Network- determining your aim, researching events, preparing yourself to network, what to wear, overcoming shyness and business cards.
  • Starting and Ending a Conversation approaching people and introducing yourself to a complete stranger, the elevator pitch, maintaining a conversation, body language, choosing your words carefully, asking questions, listening skills, how to remember names and joining and leaving a group seamlessly
  • Following Up- how to follow up with connections, re-approaching connections and removing connections.

1 hour online video / 2 hour workshop