Often the pitch that wins is the one that is presented best not necessarily the best company or proposal. Helping your senior lawyers to learn the key elements of an effective pitch including the difference between a pitch and a presentation is essential.

This module is aimed at newly qualified partners or senior associates who are actively involved in client pitches.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 

  • Structure: the science of preparation- building the right story, specific tips and tricks that will make for a better pitch, how to touch on the right topics when pitching
  • Your creative imagination- persuasion in presenting
  • Ways to make the emotional connection – understanding and connecting with those you are pitching to and body language
  • The art of delivery: energy, spontaneity and creativity, how to get to know the potential client and how to be remembered
  • Your own personal brand: confidence and charisma

Participants will have to prepare and then deliver a short pitch during the workshop.

2 hour workshop