Managing a Team

For law firms, people are the most important investment made. It is therefore vitally important that all ‘people managers’ understand a range of tactics and methods to ensure that the firm creates a culture within which staff are happy and want to play their part in achieving the firm’s goals.

In reality, most people who are new to the role of managing people will struggle with the transition from one of the team to the leader of the team, it’s a normal reaction. This workshop will focus on the common issues and challenges in managing people and will help you to devise a practical 100-day action plan.

This module is aimed at junior and senior associates

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 

Managing the Team

  • Review your new role; how this impacts each team; challenges that you face and how to overcome them
  • Different personality types within the team, how to manage each personality and the best approach to communicating with each person
  • What’s happening within the team, Tuckman stages of team development, how to move the team through each stage and communicating your vision for the team
  • Agreeing your 100-day action plan.

Managing Performance

  • Clarity around standards, goals and expectations that builds engagement
  • Create a feedback culture within the team
  • Establish your “ways of working” for the team, your style of management and managing expectations
  • Support – the unwritten contract.

1 hour online video / 2 hour workshop