Matter Management for Transactions Lawyers

Running a transaction requires a structured approach to planning, pricing and managing legal work that will boost profitability and deliver superior value to your clients. Clients appreciate a lawyer who runs their matter smoothly and effectively.

This course will enable delegates to acquire tips, techniques and tools for use in seeing a matter through with procedural smoothness from instructions to final bill. Participants will use a current matter of their own (no files needed) as a learning case study throughout the course.

This module is aimed at junior and senior associates.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 

  • The nature of a matter – understanding that a client matter is a project
  • Benefits of project/matter management – processes and procedures as structural tools
  • The stages and phases of a project:
    • Taking client instructions
    • Planning the project
      • work breakdown and task analysis
      • resource allocation, especially the make-up of the fee-earning team
      • setting timelines
      • pricing
    • Monitoring the process including dealing with slippage
    • Stakeholder management – identifying and communicating appropriately with clients and all others involved in the matter
    • Risk assessment
    • Final review and signing off – double checking everything
    • Feedback session – what have we learnt from this project
  • Understanding how client fee disputes arise and strategies for managing them

1 hour online video / 1 hour workshop.