Developing your Managerial and Leadership Skills Part 1

People are the bedrock of successful companies. People are also complex and no one managerial style suits all. If you want to be successful in managing people you will need to develop a range of skills that are people focused.

This workshop empowers you to develop the skills you need as a leader to create confident, results focused, inspired and engaged teams. It challenges you to review and sharpen your leadership skills and adapt your style to maximise the talent within the team and handle the complexities associated with achieving long term success.

Underpinning these sessions is the PEAK Leadership model which will teach you how to move from managing the team to leading the team, from correcting mistakes to coaching people and from giving instructions to empowering the team.

The course will be delivered in an interactive and participatory manner which will include group work, feedback, exercises, as well as dealing with any specific issues of concern raised by participants.

This module is aimed at senior associates.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 


Managing the Team

  • Use the principles of PEAK Leadership to improve the performance levels within the team and create a high-performance environment where everyone is focused on achieving results. PEAK Leadership helps managers to build a results focused culture within the team
  • Understand the role of a manager and the difference between managing and leading the team. Review how their role as a manager impacts the team and its performance
  • Understand some of the factors that influence individual behaviour and how it effects the way you manage people. Critically appraise the 5 Factor Model and its role in Performance Management. Be more aware of the different personality types within teams and how this impacts management style.
  • What’s happening within the team, Tuckman stages of team development, how to move the team through each stage and communicating your vision for the team
  • Agreeing your 100-day action plan.

Managing Performance

One of the key roles of the manager is to achieve results and this session is very much a look at how we can create the right environment to achieve expected results. We start with engagement and how it impacts performance and as a manager what you need to do to ensure a high level of engagement from the team.

  • Identify the key benefits of Performance Review meetings and how to prepare fully for these meetings. Review best practice and discuss the merits of quarterly review conversations
  • Set goals the SMARTER way which will ensures that each goal agreed has clarity, is challenging and feeds into the business plan. When used correctly it outlines the value of each goal, which in turn leads to a higher level of engagement
  • Combine SMARTER goals with core business competencies which will have the multiplier effect and feed into staff engagement
  • Understand what great feedback should include and how to use the BEST feedback method. Develop the skills required to have a difficult conversation about underperformance
  • Build on the principles of the Unwritten Contract so that they can gain a deeper understanding of how to engage the team and how to use this information to improve productivity levels and retain the best people.

1 hour online video / 2 hour workshop