Giving and Receiving Feedback

This course will provide you with the tools required to give constructive feedback and to have the confidence to seek out feedback and what you should do with such feedback. Feedback should be viewed as a means of acknowledging your strengths and as an opportunity to grow and develop relationships.

The course will be delivered in an interactive and participatory manner which will include group work, feedback, exercises, as well as dealing with any specific issues of concern raised by participants.

This module is aimed at newly qualified lawyers.

Some key topics that are explored during this session include: 


Giving Feedback:

  • Prepare for giving feedback- considering the individual’s personality and how he or she prefers to receive it.
  • Create constructive feedback- striking a balance of positive and negative comments. 
  • Distinguish feedback from a typical compliment by making it meaningful and context based.


Receiving Feedback: 

  • Ask for feedback on a regular basis- it shows managers and co-workers that, going forward, you want to improve
  • Don’t take it personally- how to offer a response to criticism without appearing defensive
  • Take note- keep track of the feedback you receive. Maintaining a feedback log allows you to see what you have improved and what still needs developing.

2 hour workshop