Course Overview

Success in business as indeed in all walks of life can be very much determined by one’s ability to negotiate. The myth that negotiators are ‘born, not made’ persists but is not true. Negotiation skills, like any other skills, can be developed, honed, and improved. This is a practical, skills-based diploma whereby participants through practising a series of role-plays will improve their negotiation capabilities.

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Course Objectives

This programme is a 10-week diploma which will build the confidence of participants to negotiate effectively by learning and practising negotiation strategies in order to conduct successful negotiations. Participants will learn the tools and tactics necessary to maximise the value in their negotiations and will apply these skills through established role plays. Each participant will learn how to develop and apply their own personal negotiation style with the assistance of one-one coaching.


Who Should Attend?

The programme is ideally suited for those working in finance, entrepreneurship, HR, law, or any managerial position in business generally. The programme is also suitable for anyone seeking to develop practical skills in the field of negotiation strategy.

Lecturer Profile

Ronan Gallagher is a barrister that has worked in house legal for multinational banks, law firms and corporates in the financial services sector. Ronan has significant training experience with Ireland’s largest training institutions and as consultant in-house corporate trainer providing negotiation, communication and emotional intelligence training to professional negotiators in the legal, accountancy, financial services, sales and tech industries.

Programme Delivery – Online

This course will be delivered on a weekly basis (6.30pm to 9.30pm) over 10 weeks. The course will be delivered online which will be streamed live and recorded. All seminar materials and notes will be provided to learners through our online portal..


Assessment Details

Participants will be assessed on an ongoing basis as part of their role play. Each participant will receive a Skills Feedback/Assessment Form at the end of the course.


The fee for the Professional Diploma – Negotiation Skills is €950. Payment by instalments options are available.

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Start Date

Professional Diploma – Negotiation Skills – October 2021