Module 3 - Business Law & Civil Litigation


The aim of this module is to introduce learners to the key principles underlying contract law and tort law and provide them with a broad understanding as to how these principles operate in practice.


Learning Outcomes


After completion of this module learners will be able to:


  1. Compare and contrast the different types of business organisation and the suitability of each.
  2. Demonstrate how a company may be formed and identify the implications of such formation.
  3. Discuss corporate governance and the financing of companies.
  4. Explain the insolvency process.
  5. Describe the steps to be undertaken and the documentation needed to initiate civil claims.
  6. Discuss the Civil Rules and Procedures of the Irish courts & the Personal Injuries Board.
  7. Draft a summons, pleadings and enter a defence as part of the litigation process.



Indicative Syllabus


Business Law

Session 1 Law of Agency & Partnership Law
Session 2 Consumer Protection Law
Session 3 Corporations & Legal Personality
Session 4 Management of Corporations
Session 5 Corporate Insolvency

Civil Litigation

Session 6 General Matters: Time Limits/Monetary Jurisdiction/the Injuries Board
Session 7 Court Rules & Procedure
Session 8 The Personal Injuries Summons & Indorsement of Claim
Session 9 Appearance and the Statement of Claim Particulars/Defence & Counterclaim
Session 10 Lodgements/Offers to Settle / Personal Injuries Board



TThis module is delivered through online pre-recorded lectures. Each lecture session is approximately two hours in duration. Each session will be recorded.



After viewing each session, the learner will be required to complete a quiz. The module will be formally assessed by way of project work (approx. 1,500-2,000 words).