Module 2 - The Law of Obligations


The aim of this module is to introduce learners to the key principles underlying contract law and tort law and provide them with a broad understanding as to how these principles operate in practice.


Learning Outcomes


After completion of this module learners will be able to:


  1. Illustrate the elements necessary for the formation of a contract.
  2. Discuss the contents of a contract and how it might be vitiated.
  3. Explain how a contract might be terminated and what remedies are available.
  4. Evaluate the elements to the tort of negligence and other related torts.
  5. Examine the law on occupiers’ liability and nuisance.
  6. Explain the role of damages in tort and identify when tort claims might be statute barred.



Indicative Syllabus


Contract Law

Session 1 Formation of a Contract: Part 1
Session 2 Formation of a Contract: Part 2
Session 3 Formal Requirements & Contractual Terms
Session 4 Vitiating Factors
Session 5 Termination of a Contract & Remedies

Tort Law

Session 6 Negligence: Part 1
Session 7 Negligence: Part 2
Session 8 Occupiers’ Liability & Nuisance
Session 9 Employers’ Liability & Vicarious Liability
Session 10 Damages & Limitation of Actions




This module is delivered through online pre-recorded lectures. Each lecture session is approximately two hours in duration. Each session will be recorded.



After viewing each session, the learner will be required to complete a quiz. The module will be formally assessed by way of project work (approx. 1,500-2,000 words).