Course Overview

The employment relationship is not only important as a source of individual rights it is also essential to the economic development of society as well as an important aspect of one’s dignity. Given its importance it is not surprising that the field has become increasingly regulated. This increased regulation poses challenges for employers in recognising and understanding their legal obligations and for employees who should be aware of their duties and their legal entitlements. This is increasingly so in the modern ‘gig’ economy where increased competitiveness, outsourcing, and greater worker specialisation has led to the creation of more flexible – or unstructured, depending on your point of view – working relationships. In light of the ever-changing employment landscape – particularly in light of the Covid 19 pandemic – it has never been more important to understand the law in this field.

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Course Objectives

This programme is a 12-week online diploma on the key issues affecting Irish Employment Law. In the course, participants are brought through the key areas of employment law starting with establishing whether a worker is an employee or not (and the legal consequences of this); through to the formation and contents of the contract of employment right through the consequences of termination of that employment. The key statutory and common law rights afforded to employees from employment equality to family-friendly work through to privacy and liability for stress-related illness will be examined. Each lecture will be delivered in discursive manner where participants will be brought through the key principles in an informative manner.

Who Should Attend?

The programme is ideally suited for those working in HR, law, or any managerial position in business generally. The programme is also suitable for anyone seeking to develop some practical legal knowledge in this area. The programme does not pre-suppose any prior knowledge of law.

Lecturer Profile


Dr Val Corbett is the Head of Programmes at His principal research and teaching experience are in the area of employment law, the law of contract, and the law of torts. He also teaches Corporate and Business Law (F4) on the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course at and Company and Business Law for Trinity College Dublin Business School. He is also co-author of Employment Law in Ireland (Clarus Press, Dublin 2009), the second edition of which is due for publication in 2020.

Programme Delivery – Online

This course will be delivered on a weekly basis (6.30pm to 9.30pm) over 12 weeks. The course will be delivered online via discursive seminars

Assessment Details

The diploma will be assessed by way of continuous assessment case study (100%). Diploma is awarded by


The fee for the Professional Diploma – Employment Law is €950. Payment by instalments options are available. The

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Start Date

Professional Diploma – Employment Law –  Tuesday, 2nd February 2021