Short Courses

Professional Diploma - Regulation in the SME Sector

This 12-week blended professional diploma will focus on the main commercial law, employment law, taxation and accounting issues that face SMEs. Through gaining an understanding of the regulatory requirements for SMEs participants will be able to better anticipate the possible impact of those on their business decisions and ensure that their internal practices....
Start - September 2022

Professional Diploma - Negotiation Skills

This programme is a 10-week diploma which will build the confidence of participants to negotiate effectively by learning and practising negotiation strategies in order to conduct successful negotiations. Participants will learn the tools and tactics necessary to maximise the value in their negotiations and will apply these skills through established role plays.
Start - September 2022

Professional Diploma - Employment Law

This programme is a 10-week online diploma on the key issues affecting Irish Employment Law. In the course, participants are brought through the key areas of employment law starting with establishing whether a worker is an employee or not (and the legal consequences of this); through to the formation and contents of the contract of employment right through the consequences....
Start - September 2022

Professional Diploma - Fraud and Economic Crime

This programme is a 12-week online diploma on Fraud and Economic Crime and will address the procedural and the substantive law that applies. On conclusion, participants will possess an understanding and an ability to identify, investigate and reduce the risk of Fraud and Economic Crime in their respective roles. The programme is suited to corporate officers and/or p... Start - September 2022 provides training and educational programmes in law. We dedicate ourselves to the delivery of a practical, results-focused educational experience supported by a team of knowledgeable educational professionals. Each course is underpinned by the highest quality learning materials and online technical support.